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De Magiërs

De Magiërs - Lev Grossman, Carolien Metaal This book by Lev Grossman centers Quentin Coldwater who is going to apply for Princeton and has an interview together with his best friend James. When they arrive at the place of the interview, they find the man dead. An ambulance employee hands him a mysterious letter and before he knows it, he is in an entirely different world: Brakebills, where he apparently is going to do an exam to get it. It is a secret university where they teach magic. Here he learn everything about magic, but also love, alcohol and all other things normal people of his age do.

After 4 years, they graduate and go back to the “normal” world. They live in New York and do nothing but partying, using drugs and alcohol. One day they get the chance to go to Fillory, a magical world from books that Quentin and his friends read as children. In Fillory they have to get a crown to help the people of Fillory. During this adventure, where he gets hurt badly and he loses some friends, he learns that he had to be happy with what he had.

This is a book about magic and has a nice story and a good pace. But it is hard to identify with the main characters. And also so many things happen in one book, with a lot of different characters, that it is sometimes hard to follow. It is divided into different parts, with each part being a different period in the life of Quentin.

It is a nice book if you like fantasy, but I think it would be nicer it there was not so much going on in one book.

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