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Rode schoenen

Rode schoenen - Joanne Harris, Monique de Vré This book is the sequel of Chocolat, the novel that was used for a movie with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche.
Each chapter in the book is told from a different perspective: Zozie, Vianne or Anouk. It starts with Zozie who ‘borrows’ identities from other people, and uses special symbols and tricks to get what she wants. She decides to help Vianne to put up a ‘chocolaterie’ in Montmartre, Paris. While doing that, she uses Anouk to get deeper and deeper into their lives. Anouk is growing up, tries to fit in, has troubles with knowing what she is, what her “powers” are. She is pulling away from her mother Vianne and gets closer to Zozie, who is flamboyant and more interesting she thinks.
Vianne meets a nice man who can give her certainty, financially, but she doesn’t love him like she loved Roux. And he doesn’t care about her other daughter Rosette who is a little bit special. When Roux is coming back, everything changes and decisions have to be made.
Because you read from different perspectives, you soon learn the true intentions of Zozie and you see how she tries to get what she wants. You also see the effect of her actions on Anouk and Vianne. You keep reading because you want to know what will happen and if she will succeed.
The first part of the book reads slowly and it is hard to keep reading. As more things happen, it is the other opposite; it is hard to stop reading.
I did not read chocolat, only saw the movie, so I cannot say anything about the evolution of the characters. But as a standalone book, it is a very nice book to read, about magic, dreams, hope, and desire.

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