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Dinsdagland - Schetsen van België

Dinsdagland - Schetsen van België - Dimitri Verhulst This book by Dimitri Verhulst (a Belgian writer) hasn’t been translated to English yet, which is a pity because this book reflects little things of Belgium. In each of the chapters, he tells something about 1 particular thing typical for Belgium but what is not normally associated with of known about Belgium. Some things he addresses are cycling and Eddy Merckx, pigeons, trains, Spa, …

Some parts are so recognizable which makes it funny to read. Particular things are also tragic if you think about it, similar to a previous book of him ‘The Misfortunates’. It is written in a style that is so typical Verhulst: long sentences with a lot of words. For this reason you have to read some sentences a few times before you understand them.

This is a very good book by Dimitri Verhulst, written in his typical style. It feel sorry that it hasn’t been translated into English, but even if it would be translated, I think a lot of the typical writing style will be lost then.

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