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Suikerspin - Erik Vlaminck This book by the Belgian writer Erik Vlaminck has no English translation yet.

Suikerspin tells the story of 3 generations of a family that live and work on fairs. The main story is about Siamese twins, Joséphine and Anastasia who were used as an exhibition, freaks of nature, on different fairs by Jean-Baptist van Hooylandt. He is the grandfather of Arthur, who still works at fairs with a carousel. He was robbed and lost every attribute on his carousel but that doesn’t stop him from keeping it going in an empty building, all alone. He then pretends there are children on it, he collects the tickets, plays music, … . One day a writer wants to talk to him about his grandfather and his contribution to the dead of the Siamese twins.

This book gives a nice view into the world of fairs in Belgium over the years and generations. Throughout the book you learn how Joséphine and Anastasia were treated and what really happened to them. The switches between the different generations were very nice, only the part of Arthur was sometimes to negative, depressive, and repetitive.

I read this book because someone recommended it to me and I was surprised about it. It is written in a very nice style and with a good pace and it reads very easy. You want to know what really happened to the twins, and the end is very surprising.

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