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Nemesis / druk 2

Nemesis / druk 2 - Jo Nesbø The book starts with a bank robbery where the robber holds a gun to the head of a female employee. When the bank manager gives the money 2 minutes to late, the woman is shot. The robber escapes with the money. Harry Hole is one of the police detectives that have to investigate the robbery and murder. His new partner, Beate Lonn, has the talent to remember every face she has ever seen.

During the investigation, he gets back into contact with his ex-girlfriend Anna and they have drinks together. The next morning, Harry doesn’t remember a thing of the night before. Then he finds out Anna was killed, apparently committed suicide. He was the last person to see her alive and he has no idea if he killed her or not. Together with the apparent suicide, he receives emails from someone who knows that he was with Anna that night.

Harry has to find the killer of Anna to prove his innocence and solve the robberies.

It was a well written book, with a lot of descriptions, details and facts and sometimes I got lost. The first part of the book was maybe a little bit too long and it started to get a nice pace towards the end of the book.

It contained a lot of characters and names with all their thoughts and feelings that were described in detail sometimes.

Over all, a nice book, well written, only about 100 pages too long.

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