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Waarheen je ook vlucht

Waarheen je ook vlucht - Elizabeth Haynes This is the debut of Elizabeth Haynes, which is a big surprise. It caught me from the beginning and I couldn’t stop reading.

The story is about Catherine in the present and Catherine (or Cathy) 4 years later. The story switches between the two time periods. In the past, Catherina was a young single woman who loved to go out with her friends and have fun. Then she meets Lee and they start a casual and very sexual relationship. The relationship changes over time and Lee starts to get more obsessive, controlling, violent, and isolates her from her friends.

Cathy in the present is moved to another city and you see the effect of the abuse: she has OCD and PTSD that make her for example control the doors and windows over and over again, hang the curtains a certain way, do groceries on certain days, etc. Then Stuart, a young psychologist, moves into the apartment above her. With his help she starts to work on her recovery.

Towards the end of the book, the story stays in the present as Lee is released from prison. And then you are wondering what is going to happen, is Lee going to find her or not.

Step by step you learn the horrifying details about the abuse and start to understand the base of Cathy’s OCD and PTSD. You see Catherine evolve during the relationship when Lee starts to change from a charming man to someone manipulative and violent.

This book gives some insight in the reason why it is so hard for women in an abusive relationship to get out.

It is one of the most life like books I read in a very long time. It is well written, with a lot of detail and I love the switches in time. The pieces per time period are not long, which makes it easy to follow.

A very good book that makes me want to read more books written by Elizabeth Haynes.

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